Politics of Color is the official blog of the Journal of Race, Ethnicity, and Politics (JREP).

It is impossible to understand current events without also understanding the ways in which race and ethnicity structure our social and political life. This is certainly true in the United States, where race and indigeneity were central to the founding of the country. Racial and ethnic politics are also salient in many other parts of the world.

Politics of Color will highlight cutting-edge research on racial and ethnic politics, offer up-to-the-minute analysis of pressing policy problems and political conflicts, and build a community of individuals interested in these issues.

Politics of Color features thought pieces by scholars of race and ethnicity whose work is relevant to contemporary politics in United States and across the globe. In addition, authors of JREP articles will occasionally offer reflections that communicate their research findings to wider audiences, including public officials, activists, community organizations, policy experts, and journalists.

  • ♥️MAGACat♥️ We Ultra Win!!!

    Us Americans need to both sides ignore our parties and reach out to one another in love to stop the Biden Democratic Party race war.

    Christians our majority could bring sanity and unity over all if they read, understand, live and vote God’s word.