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Transgender Rights and Communities of Color

BY MELINA JUÁREZ Americans across the states joyfully celebrated the Supreme Court ruling in Obergefell vs. Hodges delivered June 26th that legalized same-sex marriage. Although the decision garnered backlash from some conservatives, the decision was hailed as a historic milestone for LGBTQ [...]

Intelligence Services Need New Ethnic Approaches

BY SAMER LIBDEH The current wave of radicalization among numbers of Muslim youth in Europe is obliging intelligence services to reconsider its approach to tackling jihadism, though this would not be without controversy. As was recently revealed, the UK’s domestic security service MI5 once tried [...]

Immigrant Leadership for a New Arizona

BY SAYU BHOJWANI AND MAYOR REBECCA JIMENEZ When it comes to immigration, is Arizona finally making a U-turn? Perhaps not immediately, as many legislators and the Governor still support anti-immigrant policies. However, the Supreme Court’s decision to uphold a federal court’s ruling to [...]